Testimonial – “Ray is an exceptional team member! He has imagination, drive, enthusiasm, and a superior intellect fueled by an unceasing drive to improve. Ray builds relationships, generates ideas, solves problems, and is the example of competence and trust. I served with Ray in Iraq where he led a small team managing the largest single IT network deployed in combat, in history to that date. As a junior officer his unflappable calm was reassuring to all around him and bolstered by his abilities to solve myriad problems as they arose in a highly fluid environment. Years later, Ray’s efforts in the community, his work in academia, and his genuine devotion to the betterment of others makes him an invaluable member and leader of any team. I would hire Ray in an instant. I would work for him any time. I would work with him on any project.”  (Carl Y.)

Testimonial – “I recommend, Ray Herras, for any position pertaining to information technology. He is goal and detail oriented with the ability to effectively multi-task in any multi-organizational environment. His thorough understanding of mission requirements to include budgeting and resources makes him a viable asset to any organization.” (Nancy H.)

Testimonial – “Ray is a very knowledgable, self-motivated and committed individual. He possess exceptional briefing and writing skills and will be a valuable asset to any team. I highly recommend Ray for positions of trust and any areas within his field of expertise. He is a proven professional.” (Robert B.)

Testimonial – “Ray is a natural leader. He does not wait for someone to tell him what to do. If he sees a job that anyone in the office can do, he just does it.” (Belinda S.)

Testimonial – “Ray has an exceptional ability to multi-task and is a results oriented leader.” (Conrad F.)

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